In addition to providing details of the car, and the driver, one of the additional details which should be considered while purchasing car insurance in Singapore is the age of the driver. The driving skills and car usage patterns will vary to a large extent with the age of the car driver. Young people will use the car extensively for traveling on holidays. families with children and babies will use the car for shopping and taking care of the children. Insurance companies realize that the coverage requirements and assistance which car owners will require varies so the insurance plans have different options.


Young people, especially men in their early twenties, are more likely to use their car for traveling and visiting new places on weekends and holidays. Their car may have a breakdown in some remote areas, and it is usually difficult to get help locally in these cases. Hence the car owner should consider purchasing an insurance plan which provides towing assistance. Some of the insurance companies do not require any upfront payment for this assistance. Additionally, it is advisable to select car insurance where the No Claims Discount is not affected, if the car is involved in an accident and the driver is not at fault.


If the car owner has young children in his family, most of the free time is devoted to taking care of the children, taking to school, doctors, sports, and similar activities. Some of the insurance companies are providing coverage for a child seat, for the safety of the child when the father is driving. Additionally, it is advisable to purchase car insurance which includes roadside assistance for the vehicle if the car has any kind of problems like battery malfunction or tire puncture. This ensures that the car owner does not have to leave the children alone to find a suitable garage or mechanic for fixing the car.


Many of the teenagers are using their parent’s cars to learn driving. They may be involved in accidents initially since they lack experience and make mistakes. Some insurance plans will also include insurance for family members like teenagers who have little or no experience in driving cars, without much excess cost. Additionally, some insurance companies recommend that the car owner uses a safety device that will automatically alert them on the location and severity of the car accident so that assistance can be provided to the car driver.


Compared to young people, senior citizens usually take more time to recover from their injuries if they are involved in an auto accident. So their medical expenses will be higher, and they should choose car insurance which offers higher limits for medical expenses for accident cases. The insurance policy should also include quick roadside assistance in an emergency since senior citizens require help immediately. The emergency assistance will also help in collecting the accident data for insurance purposes. This will help in case the car driver does not collect the information required immediately because he is disoriented or confused by the incident.