Despite Singapore being small in size and often referred to as a concrete jungle, there are plenty of great places for cyclists. There are some amazing unique cycling routes in Singapore that everyone should explore. Mother nature still has a place in Singapore and for any cyclist, these places offer the purest form of relaxation while enjoying a long bike ride.


1. Coney Island


Coney Island is located off the coast of Punggol and may prove to be a bit challenging to reach. It can be a challenging ride just to get there but once on the island, you will be mesmerized. The island itself is split into several regions. The area that is part of Coney Island Park is well maintained. It stretches over several kilometers. While it may not be a very large area to explore, riding in the park, in the middle of nature can be very relaxing.


2. Western Adventure Loop


The Western Adventure loop stretches across several kilometers and takes you through several places of interest. It is one of the most amazing unique cycling routes in Singapore. The loop starts at Choa Chu Kang Park. You will ride mostly through pathways but you will feel close to nature. Next, you will have the Dairy Farm Nature Park. Here you will find more rugged terrain but you will get to ride along with amazing views such as the Jurong Lake Gardens. You will also pass through the Bukit Panjang Park Connector. In total, this route stretches over 12 kilometers.

3. Ketam Mountain Bike Park


The Ketam Mountain Bike Park had to be on the list. It is one of the few unique cycling routes in Singapore that truly puts you out in the middle of nature. There are no alleys, pathways, or pavements on this route. It is fairly easy to get to the park and once there, you can enjoy 10 kilometers of trails. You will find that both experienced and amateur mountain bikers train there. Also, competitions are being organized in the park since it is considered compliant with international standards for mountain biking competitions.


4. Central Urban Loop


If you want to pedal for more than 10 km and do not mind an urban view, the Central Urban Loop is a great choice. It stretches over 36 kilometers and includes areas with sidewalks, small parks, and regular tourist attractions. What you should be mindful of is the number of pedestrians as some of the areas in this loo have heavy traffic. There are also plenty of cyclists that enjoy this loop thus you should expect company and busy areas. This would be the longest loop and one of the most crowded and unique cycling routes in Singapore due to the sheer diversity of the places you will encounter during a ride.


The number of cycling loops in Singapore is not limited to the ones above. There are tens more loops you can enjoy or you can just make your personal loop by planning where you want to go. Each popular loop has its attractions and some of them are truly unique cycling loops in Singapore that you will not encounter anywhere else.