Are you scared of how you will pass your O-level chemistry exams? AO Studies can help you analyse and apply different chemistry concepts and ace your exams.

 We believe that with enough preparation and drilling, all our students can attain the maximum marks in their O-level chemistry exams. The five Ps of success can not only help students to pass their exams but also guide them in their daily activities.

What Students Get When They Enroll With Us

At AO Studies, we have our O level chemistry programmes that have been tried and tested. Those who have undergone our tuition services in Singapore can attest to the fact that the programmes help them a lot. We attribute our immense success to the following strategies: 

  1. We Encourage Students to Take Up Chemistry Lessons

Most students in Singapore do not like the aspect of having to observe chemical reactions and noting down their observations. They have difficulty in observing and visualizing what happens to molecules when exposed to certain environmental conditions.

However, chemistry as a subject is very important in shaping up students both for their O-level exams and life tests in general. AO Studies understands this perfectly. It is for that reason that we have come up with a special O level chemistry programme that encourages students to learn and pass chemistry exams.

  1. Topical Tutorials for Students

Apart from the concepts that students learn from books, we have come up with specially-designed tutorials to help them consolidate the concepts further. In the tutorials, the students will also see and learn what the common mistakes and misconceptions are.

This puts them in a good position to answer the tricky/ twisted questions in their exams.

  1. Re-Teaching

AO Studies understands that chemistry is a technical subject and that much effort is needed for students to pass. For that reason, we have topical re-teaching classes that allow students to grasp content chapter after chapter.

Our re-teaching strategy focuses on teaching key terminologies used in O-level chemistry. Additionally, students are encouraged to focus on what they are learning rather than having a teacher dictate notes.

  1. Interactive Class Activities

We strive to make our class activities as interactive as possible so that the students can learn from each other as well. The students will discuss using Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions. This helps the students to understand the concepts better.

  1. Thorough Examination Preparation

In as much as chemistry is good for solving general life issues, students learn O level chemistry so that they can ace their exams. Our teachers understand the need for passing exams and that is why we have special programmes in place.

For instance, we teach students on the importance of using the right terminologies when answering chemistry questions. We also insist on the importance of time management during exams.

Looking for O-Level Chemistry Tuition? AO Studies Got You!

O level chemistry is one of the most technical subjects in school. It requires special attention and preparation for students to ace the exams. Fortunately, AO Studies have professional, qualified, and experienced teachers to help students ace their exams.

Our strategies include having interactive class activities, providing topical tutorials and re-teaching topics effectively to make sure that all the students have grasped the concepts.