MOSH! (Moshi) builds on the timeless belief that imagination fuels innovation. Just as how the name alludes to ‘Greetings’ or ‘If’ in the Japanese language, it is an invitation to ‘welcome tomorrow’ – MOSH! hopes to nurture and inspire our leaders of tomorrow. We are infinite possibilities to limitless creations.

An Interactive Digital Multi-Media Theme Park – We are the first of its kind in Singapore! This futuristic edutainment park brings you, your family, teens and children to an alternate world of incredible wonders. Using advanced, special tools and cutting-edge technology from Japan, we handcraft each and every interactive, digital exhibits to bring your imaginations to life, instantly!

MOSH! (Moshi) leverages multi-media interactivity and digital technology to enrich the imagination of both the young and older. All visitors will be given the artistic power to illustrate their creativity skills, and transcend these original masterpieces to real life.

Here at MOSH!, you are the creator of wonderful surprises to be discovered. The exciting, futuristic features of this Theme Park elevates the experience of every guest and gives you an edutainment adventure that challenges your imaginative limits.

We love to invent and innovate new creations, we believe you do too. So step into our alternate world and discover more amazing escapades at MOSH!.


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