Some people don’t think about dental implants until they lose one of their natural teeth and need to replace it. But if you’re considering getting dental implants, the benefits of this procedure may outweigh any concerns you have about possible pain and discomfort or the costs involved. Here are five reasons to consider dental implants over more traditional options for replacing missing teeth.

1) Avoid gum disease

The first step in preventing gum disease is brushing and flossing regularly, but if you still notice gingivitis starting to form, consider a dental implant. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss—but dental implants could be your solution. These dental prosthetics are rooted in your jawbone and provide a sturdy base for natural-looking teeth that won’t slip or slide around. Once they’re installed, regular cleanings help keep plaque at bay. You might even experience less pain over time!

 2) Easier to Clean

One of the best things about dental implants is that they are easier to clean than your natural teeth. The part of your tooth that holds it in place is usually made out of an inert material like titanium. This means you won’t need special tools or cleansers to keep your gums and surrounding tissue healthy; just use a normal toothbrush and toothpaste as you normally would. You can also count on these teeth lasting a long time without additional visits; many people see them last several decades before needing replacement.

 3) Improve your smile

Thanks to dental implants, you can improve your smile and feel more confident about your appearance. Implants are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and require little maintenance once they’re placed. Additionally, dental implants don’t stain like other teeth-replacement options (like dentures), so they can stand up well over time. Just visit to learn more overwhelming things about dental implants. If you’re interested in replacing missing teeth with dental implants, consult with an experienced doctor. It may be possible for a single implant to replace multiple missing teeth, although some patients need multiple treatments for replacement; it depends on their case and their dentist’s preference.

 4) No Refitting

One of the main reasons people avoid dental implants is because they are afraid that their current teeth aren’t strong enough to support a new implant. However, with today’s technology, your dentist can cut down on or eliminate any residual damage, and you won’t need any refitting before getting your new teeth. On top of that, there are no caps or crowns that can break down over time like natural teeth. In addition, full dentures only last a few years, so many patients go back multiple times to get them replaced—an expensive process in itself. A single implant costs far less than multiple full dentures!

 5) Save time and money

You’re not just replacing a single tooth with an implant, you’re usually creating an entire arch of teeth. This means you’ll spend less time in front of dentists and more time enjoying life outside of their offices—and your bank account will thank you for it. And because implants are permanently cemented into place, there’s no worry about having to replace them over time like you would a traditional filling or crown.


In essence, dental implants are one of many options you can choose from when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If you’re weighing your options and want a long-lasting option for tooth replacement, be sure to consider your other options as well—and consult with your dentist about what might be best for you.